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Refugees: The Harvest comes to us!

Posted onSeptember 15, 2015 | by: Brian Weaver | 0 comments

Many people's hearts have been moved about the refugee crisis and the knowledge that so many are flooding into Europe and more particularly Germany. Here is a snapshot of what is happening and how to pray. This is a great door, but we need prayers, strategic doors, and partners. ...Keep Reading

Brian Preaching in German

Posted onMay 7, 2015 | by: Brian Weaver | 0 comments

Having lived in Germany now for almost 2 years and working tirelessly to develop my language ability. I finally preached my first sermon in German. While it was a challenge and needed grace from the listeners, we got it done:) Here is a 50 sec clip from my the sermon. ...Keep Reading

Giving an Introduction in German

Posted onJuly 23, 2014 | by: Brian Weaver | 0 comments

I am not saying anything profound, but hey at least I am saying something "auf Deutsch":) Preaching in Oberursel, Frankfurt. I give this 4 minute greeting in German. This is the first of many experiences to come where I will have to step out and go for it--even with many mistakes--which in German is easy to do. But we are having fun in the journey:) ...Keep Reading