David Kim



David Kim was born as the youngest of three sons of a Korean pastor and a nurse who came to
Germany in the late

1970’s. Accordingly, he grew up in a Christian home. However, it was not not until he was 16 that he personally met Christ at a Korean-German youth retreat called Juenger Jesu (Disciples of Jesus). After graduating from High-School David left his hometown to study Theology at the Giessen School of Theology (Freie Theologische Hochschule). Around this time he also joined the leadership team of the Juenger Jesu ministry. During his master’s degree he attended an exchange programm to Talbot School of Theology in California where he could deepen his theological knowledge but also had the chance to enlarge his vision by serving at a fast growing Korean-American church in Anaheim. David received his master’s degree in 2011 and returned to his hometown Aachen to serve alongside his father at Yehyang All Nations Church. His father had planted Yehyang All Nation Church in 1980 since there was a growing number of Korean students at the University of Aachen which was especially famous for its engeneering department. Also Aachen was one of the first cities where Korean coal miners came to in the 1970 -1980’s. By the new millenium there were a number of second generation Koreans who were by then University students. With a team who already attended the Yehyang Church David started a German- English service to reach out to the second generation Koreans and to German friends. In 2013 David moved to Frankfurt and started serving at the Frankfurt CityChurch to be trained as a church planter. His parents moved to Swaziland in 2014 to assist planting the Swaziland Christian University and to servw at the Immanuel Bible College in South Africa. The Frankfurt CityChurch was founded in 2007 by Pastor Bodo Park who also became David’s mentor. From the beginning the CityChurch had the greater vision tob e part in a movement to revive Frankfurt and its surrounding by planting multiple new churches. One of the key targets was to reach out to unchurched poeple and invite them every Sunday to accept Jesus as saviour. In September 2016 David finished his training at CityChurch and is now planting the next church in Frankfurt Bockenheim together with Pastor Brian Weaver. As a team they want to join God in His work in Frankfurt and gather friends with the same vision. They want to plant a church that brings new life to the people in Bockenheim and a church that equips and disciples them to enlarge God’s kingdom in Germany.