Pray with us

Thank you for clicking on this page!  

Take a moment (or two... ;o) ) while you are reading this page to pray for us.  Even if you don't pray for every point, just pick one or two and beseach God on behalf of our family, the task ahead, and the nations.  Every second of prayer counts! We know it. We believe it. We've lived it.  


For our Family

  1. Health!  The devil likes to attack with sickness.  Pray for Brian's health - his respiritory system and hearing.  Pray for our children's health.  Nathaniel has ear tubes, but we are hoping to have them removed before the summer.
  2. Protection!  Financial protection - We are asking the Lord to multiply our finances during this time and protect us from unnecessary loss of money. Physical Protection - Germany is fairly safe, but driving can be very interesting (especially on the Autobahn).  Emotional Protection - We are pastoring cross-culturally a multisite church while partnering with church planters from various denominational backgrounds and beliefs.  It is exciting but also can be quite exhausting. Pray for wisdom, times of refreshing for the Holy Spirit and protection of our "down time."  Pray especially for our children to be guided and protected by the Holy Spirit.  
  3. Wisdom! Oh my, do we need wisdom. We are desiring to birth a church planting movement in Germany--and this is no small task.  We need God to gives us his grace, power, wisdom, strategy, and understanding!  
  4. Efficiency in work! You know the old addage: "Work smarter, not harder..."  and the other one, "God can do in 5 minutes what would take me 5 years to do."  We need the supernatural grace of God to work smart and have effective, fruitful work times.  I don't want to list here all that we are doing, but the list is long and there are boxes that need to be checked off our "To-Do" lists immediately.  

 The Ministry

  1. Raising up consistent, on-fire prayer support.
  2. We are mentoring future Church planters, they need prayer as well.
  3. Stragegic connections and doors with other networks and ministries
  4. Wisdom on HOW to plant in Frankfurt.  We are in the middle of it!
  5. Germany needs a fresh move of God.  
  6. Workers to be raised up
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