The Frankfurt Vision

God has called us to partner together with the German church to see a fresh move of God in Europe.  Not only does this land need an awakening of hearts and spirits, it needs new life-giving churches to help bring it about.  And that, is why we have vision for Frankfurt and the surrounding Rhein-Main area.  The 2.5 million people that live in this metro area desperately need new churches that can reach people meanwhile keep an openness to the work of the Spirit.   

in 2014, we assumed the campus pastor leadership role in a revitalization effort.  God, over the next 6 months, began to bring new people and breathe life into the congregation.  While the church had wonderful people, the church itself needed to experience a fresh work of grace.   We actually had only intended to stay for a year, but we saw enough change and sensed the calling of God to continue to work in this area called Oberursel.  

The  plan was from the begining to begin a new church in the city of Frankfurt.   Soo... in the fall of 2016, launched a second campus for our new church plant (New Life Church), with the first campus being the revitalized work that we have led for 2 years.   

You will find a brief video here sharing the story, but please be praying for us, God is at work, and we literally want to see hundreds of churches filled with the Spirit and passionate for the things of God started, meanwhile seeing thousands come to Christ.  Only God can do this, but the good news is, that God can do this:)  Scriptures shows it; history testifies to it, and current works of the Spirit around the globe attest to it as well.  


Movie on 5-17-16 at 4.11 PM from Bweaver on Vimeo.




Below you find a five-part video series about what God was stirring in our hearts before we came to Frankfurt.  

Here you will find a 5 part video series talking about why we are going to Frankfurt to plant a church-planting church and what God is placing in our hearts. 

Frankfurt Part 1 from Bweaver on Vimeo.

Frankfurt - A Place of Mission from Bweaver on Vimeo.

Frankfurt Pt. 3 - A Place of Hope from Bweaver on Vimeo.

Frankfurt Pt. 4 - A Place of His Presence from Bweaver on Vimeo.

Frankfurt Part 5 from Bweaver on Vimeo.

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